‘ahoy kikoy’ was born out of two friends’ love of travel and of unique products from Eastern Africa.

Edwina lived in Nairobi for two years and fell in love with the colour of kikoys, kikapus and kiondos, along with a host of other handicrafts found at the many markets. Since that time, kikoys, kiondos and kikapus have been a colourful and practical part of her home décor and everyday living.  She received so many compliments on her things that it was an easy decision to establish ‘ahoy kikoy’ with Kate.

Kate travelled to Kenya while Edwina was living there and also loved the vivid colours and practicality of the baskets and kikoys, especially as she had seen nothing like them in Australia. Many gifts and souvenirs were purchased on that trip and the seed of ‘ahoy kikoy’ was planted!

Edwina and Kate are excited to share these vibrant, unique and practical products with all of you here in Australia. These items are now for sale through this website. We attend markets in regional NSW – please see our facebook page and market dates on this website for updates. If you are interested in retailing our products, please contact us through this website.

Definitions of the Swahili (English word for the Kiswahili language) Terms

Kikoy (key-koy)
100% cotton dyed and woven in Eastern Africa. Kikoys are large rectangles of fabric with distinctive bright colours and contrasting borders or stripes. They can be used as a sarong, wrap, table cloth, throw, picnic rug, baby wrap, pram shade and just about anything else you can think of! The kikoy fabric is gorgeous and can be made into a range of products, including children’s robes and beach sheets.

Kikapu (key-car-poo)
basket woven from reeds with leather handles. Ideal as a shopping basket, beach/pool bag, picnic basket, laundry basket, carry-all!

Kiondo (key-on-dough)
a hand-woven basket made from hand-dyed sisal. They can be used for storage throughout the house.